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Tis the Season of Letting Go

Autumn is a spiritually unique season.  Many associate the mystery and decline of the fall with elements of darkness and evil, but in reality, autumn is all about endings—a very natural thing. Every journey must find its end, and fall is a seasonal reminder of this natural process. As autumn sets in, consider the areas of your life that need to be released, consider what no longer serves you, gets in your way, and needs to wither and die. It can be physical: a job, relationship, debt, or clothes that no longer fit. You can release emotional baggage: anger, guilt, sadness, and unforgiveness. Or maybe you are carrying mental weight: negative thoughts, racing thoughts, or unawareness. Commit to letting something go. Be like the trees...Release! 

Paradoxically, fall, is a time of simultaneous bounty as the winter crops are harvested. Corn, pumpkins, collard greens, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and apples are just a few treats that make this season delicious.  If we align ourselves to the progression of the season, fall serves much the same purpose, but on a spiritual level. Consider the dream-seeds that you planted at the beginning of the year that have been steadily growing. At the beginning of the year, maybe you decided that you assert yourself more. Fall is the time to allow the fearful part of you to fall away and be replaced by confidence.  All year you have been working on finding your voice, now it is time to use it!  Allow those dreams—that bountiful harvest—to be reaped. Enjoy them as you replace those parts of yourself which do not serve your highest good.  It is time to reap what you have sown!

As we approach winter, the physical death and darkness experienced by the land represents something else, as well. It is the external embodiment of the darkness all people contain within themselves—everyone is a blend of day and night, good and not-so-good. I encourage my clients to acknowledge and embrace parts of themselves that they consider, "not so good" because many of those elements are necessary. Yes, it is nice to be sweet and gracious, but you also need your sharp-tongue so people know not to push your limits.You must have protective elements. Flexibility is a quality that is to be admired, but having a steadfast stubbornness is not always a bad thing.  It has probably kept you anchored. It is okay to love that part of yourself as well. Darkness exists in all of us—we are flawed, imperfect human beings. Darkness, ignored, grows and takes over like a cancer—it is only when it is dragged into the light that we can accept it, and if we choose, use it for our good or overcome it. Autumn is the time to face this darkness, a physical reminder of that which we must hone within ourselves.

Take the time to connect to the world around you this fall. Don't let the significance of this magical season pass you by. Go out of your way to step on a crunchy leaf, eat the foods of the season, shed the things that you've been carrying, and explore the mystery of your darker side.

By reconnecting with the seasons, you will find yourself renewed and reborn each year. Allow  yourself to open to the spiritual possibilities of fall as you enjoy that crisp air, and listen to the whispering voice of the leaves. They may just have great wisdom to impart to you.

Om Shanti

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