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Single Appointments

Healthcare starts the moment you are aware. You might wake up one morning and think..."What it that new pain I feel? Oh, it's no big deal, I'm sure it will go away..." With Origins Health we want to explore that "just doesn't feel right" opportunity. Your body is trying to tell you something and we have to be aware enough to listen to it and smart enough to go do something about it. Disease doesn't just come on overnight. It is a process of accumulation, exacerbation, and then manifestation. Why would you wait until the manifestation of disease when we could nip it in the bud with minimal effort and no long term effects? That's exactly what we do at Origins Health. We can look at a nagging disturbance and find the root cause of the problem BEFORE it manifests into something that is much harder to treat and that has a long term effect on your health. 


  • Healthcare That Works

  • Same Day Appointments (Usually)

  • Symptom Treatment as Well as Root Cause Determination

  • Continued Care if Necessary

  • Secondary Opinion Information

  • 24hr Email Access to Healthcare Professionals

  • Access to all Talks, Classes and Events 

  • A Personal Healthcare Advocate


  • 5 Minutes of your Time to Dial a Phone to Make an Appointment

  • Time you must carve out of your busy day to focus on your health

  • Your Willingness to Care for Yourself

  • Your Ability to Be the Change You Want to See

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