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Personalized Preventive Healthcare

We asses every part of your life with an initial health and well being assessment. After that we build a custom preventive health maintenance plan that includes proper diet, lifestyle choices, exercise plan, custom herb prescriptions, stress tools and spiritual deepening opportunities. The best part is we see periodically thereafter for an ongoing health check-in that will keep you aligned with your health and well being goals. It is important that this plan remains fluid and ever-changing, just like you. It is modified seasonally to meet the different needs at different times of the year. It also contains earmarks that follow along the path of prevention for different screenings done by your primary care doctor. Here is where you can freely talk about the goods and bad with regards to choices. Should I get that yearly mammogram? Should I give up dairy or gluten? Do I need be aware of the many other preventive health screenings that I should be taking advantage of through my primary health provider? Many screenings and tests are not offered to many patients because insurance won't accept them. Do you want insurance to dictate your health? 


  • Healthcare That Works BEFORE You Get Sick

  • Complete Yearly Health Assessment

  • Custom Diet and Lifestyle Plan

  • Periodic Check Ins 

  • Health Screening Mentoring

  • Preventative Counseling

  • Seasonal Resets

  • 24hr Email Access to your Healthcare Professional

  • Access to all Talks, Classes and Events

  • A Health Community You Belong To 

  • A Personal Healthcare Advocate


  • Monthly 1hr Commitment to Your Health

  • A Yearly 2hr Commitment for Your Personalized Health Assessment

  • Your Willingness to Care for Yourself

  • Your Ability to See the Change You Want to Be

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