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Learning Programs

Forever a student of life. That's how we describe whole person health. We change so much over the course of our lives, so should our healthcare. We provide you a wealth of information to explore and understand your bodies, minds, and hearts. We don't get taught this information in school and many of us are on our own searching countless websites and books that offer us some dramatic results with minimal amount of effect, except from you wallet. Our goal at Origins Health is to give you the most up to date science and options when it comes to healthcare. We will look at how different treatments will affect your body and why just because it works for somebody doesn't mean it works for everybody. We are all unique. That means everything that comes into contact with our bodies will have a unique expression in our own bodies. Some people spend a lot of time talking about the latest and greatest diet fads, herbal pills, and tell you they will solve all you problems. We want to better understand the nature of your existence and find the best choices for you. At Origin Health, you will have complete access to our Doctor, health library, seminars and social events. We create an atmosphere that surrounds you with like-minded people and an opportunity to meet some amazing people while exploring your health. We provide group support in areas that so many of us need. Whether it be losing weight, managing addiction, changing bad habits, we all can support each other and in turn receive the motivation you need to make lasting changes and lifelong friendships. Having a health community is one of the greatest blessings Origin Health can provide. Did you know that according to SIHGOIS study, the most important factor of long term health is RELATIONSHIPS. It's not our genes, it's not our diet and lifestyle, it's the community of people that surround us. We are talking about all relationships ~ spouses, children, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors, community,  and globally. Having good relationships that support good choices are essential to long term health. 


  • Unbiased Health Information

  • Access to Health Library

  • Diet and Lifestyle Tools

  • Monthly Social Gatherings 

  • Health Screening Information

  • Group Run Seasonal Resets

  • Access to all Talks, Classes and Events

  • A Health Community You Belong To 


  • By being a member of Origins Health you belong to our healthy community. You receive full access to all of our talks, classes and events

  • If You Are NOT a member of our health community but still want great info you can still gain access to all of our activities and classes. Prices will vary by event but generally prices range from free (donation based) to around $50 for a seasonal cleanse group. Other single classes usually run around $20.

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